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How long should I wait?


 :-\  I've sent my work to three agents about a month and a half ago - one who requested it at LIM - and have not heard from any of them. Should I still keep my hopes up or is it beyond the deadline for their acceptance? If so, is this the way it generally is? Do they only reply if they want the rest of your work?

On their websites most tell you whether or not they reply in both cases and also
how long it takes them. I've noticed that some take 3 months. They also hope you're
at home kneeling at an altar you've made to them.

If they don't tell you anything on their website, give them at least 6 months to reply. After that you can always send a status query but check that out on their site also. More and more no answer means not interested. Good luck! Fingers crossed for you!

I used to sit in the same boat. I've written many magazine articles and a few novels, none of them printed. I decided a couple years ago to write a book, from scratch, and see it through to publication. This year, with the book finished and ready to publish I became aware of the giant self-publishing industry that has risen from the dreges of "anyone's writing" to filter the good stuff to the top... So I heard about createspace (owneed by amazon) and that's where my first book is going. Second book will be entirely selfpublished as I intend to be able to sell books for two or three dollars, instead of createspaces forced minimums... I'll be buying ten ISBNs and going from there. These are things to consider. Good luck and keep trying, and try different methods.

PS: I blog at richardhowesbooks . com

I'd wait 3 months and then send a note to the one who requested something from you. The others probably aren't going to respond. You may want to try an indie publisher like mine. There are some decent ones out there, even if they don't have big name status. The whole submission process is a nightmare in my view.



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