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Dear QueryShark:<br /><br /><br />One week ago, Claire's cousin Dinah slit her wrists.<br /><br />Five days ago, Claire found Dinah's diary and discovered why.<br /><br />Three days ago, Claire stopped crying and came up with a plan. <br /><br />Two days ago, she ditched her piercings and bleached the black dye from her hair.<br /><br />Yesterday, knee socks and uniform plaid became a predator's camouflage.<br /><br />Today, she'll find the boy who broke Dinah.<br /><br />By tomorrow, he'll wish he was dead.<br /><br />Premeditated is a 60,000 word contemporary YA novel. Chapters or a synopsis are available on request. <br /><br /><br /><br /><div style="color: blue;">oh hell yes.&nbsp; Send pages, send the entire manuscript NOW.</div><div style="color: blue;"><br /></div><div style="color: blue;">Here's why this breaks all the rules and still works:&nbsp;&nbsp;</div><div style="color: blue;"><br /></div><div style="color: blue;">It's got menace in the very rhythm of the writing. It's short and not-sweet.&nbsp; We know who the main characters are because she SHOWED us, not TOLD us.</div><div style="color: blue;"><br /></div><div style="color: blue;">And by god, there's nothing better than revenge for the New Year.</div><div style="color: blue;"><br /></div><div style="color: blue;">Yes, this breaks all the rules I've been yapping about, except the one that really counts: it entices me to read on.</div><div style="color: blue;"><br /></div><div style="color: blue;">Now, how the hell do you know if you've got something that breaks the rules but works?&nbsp; First, you write something that doesn't break ANY of the rules.&nbsp; You write a query that shows, doesn't tell. That's concise, and conveys what the book is about.</div><div style="color: blue;"><br /></div><div style="color: blue;">In other words, you write to the form of a query letter before you write something that ISN'T to form.</div><div style="color: blue;"><br /></div><div style="color: blue;">And you pay attention to rhythm.&nbsp; More than anything else stylistically, it's that rhythm of good writing that's toughest to teach and learn.&nbsp; When I'm editing manuscripts, I say the sentences out loud a lot. Hearing them helps me see where there are extra words, or too many beats, or misplaced beats.&nbsp; It's very very slow editing when you are down to moving syllables in sentences, but it's what makes the difference between gorgeous writing and so-so sentences.</div><div style="color: blue;"><br /></div><div style="color: blue;"><br /></div><div style="color: blue;"><br /></div><div style="color: blue;"><br /></div><div class="blogger-post-footer"><img width='1' height='1' src='' alt='' /></div>
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I love it so much If it is useful and knowledgeable, then this is my first place to come.

It really needs all that markup edited out to be useful.


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