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Query Shark: Add this to your list of do's and don'ts


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Add this to your list of do's and don'ts

Dear Query Shark:(query text)------This E-mail, including any attachments, may be intended solely for the personal and confidential use of the sender and recipient(s) named above. This message may include advisory, consultative and/or deliberative material and, as such, would be privileged and confidential and not a public document. Any Information in this e-mail identifying a client of the Department of Human Services or the Department of Children and Families is confidential. If you have received this e-mail in error, you must not review, transmit, convert to hard copy, copy, use or disseminate this e-mail or any attachments to it and you must delete this message. You are requested to notify the sender by return e-mail. This is why you don't send your email queries from your work email.  Your query is not personal and confidential to me.  It's a query.  If I like your work, I need to talk about it to other people.Also, you need your own email for your writing business.This doesn't lead to automatic-rejection, but it's not the kind of professional presentation you want to have.

Source: Add this to your list of do's and don'ts

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