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Dear Agent, <br /><br />When God created the world, he knew the people He made would eventually get themselves into trouble - and His own son would end up paying the price. <br /><br />In THE BIBLE, a 775,000-word historical fiction/religious memoir, God is the Creator – He from whom all things flow. His creations are uppity things: some of them turn His name into a curse word, some set up false idols in His place, and some eat food He specifically told them was His. One thing’s for sure, God isn’t letting these ungrateful bastards into Heaven until they're redeemed in His eyes. <br /><br />That’s where His son comes in. J.C. was created to die for the sins of man and open the gates to Heaven, but nobody asked him first. Thrust into existence with doom hanging over his head, he’s just trying to live his life: hanging with religious rebels The Apostles, doing standup in the temple, mixing it up with moneylenders, chatting up feisty “former” prostitute Mary Magdalene. J.C. knows his buddy is about to turn him in to the authorities on a trumped-up charge, and pretty soon he’s going to end up nailed to a tree – but first he’s going to party. <br /><br />I am that I am. I am currently working on a sequel, THE BIBLE II: RUSH LIMBAUGH IS STILL A BIG FAT IDIOT. Thanks be to Me for your time and consideration. <br /><br />Sincerely, <br /><br />The Lord<div class="blogger-post-footer"><img width='1' height='1' src='' alt='' /></div>
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