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Some websites relevant to agentry and such stuff


B L McAllister:
I was going through my favorites (aka bookmarks), looking for what's still useable and what should be deleted, and recalled that someone (Doctory Allen?) had initiated a thread to contain useful links.  I couldn't find the thread, but since my list is alphabetical, I came to agents first, and decided that this heading would be sensible place to share the non-specific ones I kept. Here they are:

Jean Lauzier:
Hey all...

This month's issue of is online finally.  Even though I'm no longer the Sen. Editor there, they have some great info. This month's it's all about agents.

And while the website is targeted toward women, it still has great info.


Oh...there is an interview with Agent Kristen Nelson in this month's issue along with an article on the Writer's Beware site.


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