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I read the website and they have a terrific number of books out and coming out. Anyone have any dealings with them? It appears they definitely work for you. I'm curious about the odds of a new writer's script even being looked at by someone this big though.

Kathy Wendorff:
I queried him a couple years ago, and got a timely (5 weeks) form rejection. He's the guy who specifies the self-sealing SASE, right? Well, I had to buy a whole box, just for him, and the envelope came back open -- they hadn't even removed the little strip. A little thing, but it irked me.

On the other thing, I've heard he is an effective agent. If you're ready to query, why not? The worst that can happen is he'll say no thanks.

Kathy W.

Yep, self sealing envelopes. I guess they don't know about a sponge in a little bowl of water. They appear to be very effective. His agency has a surprising number of books sold.

Got something going out to him today. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

I actually just sent the first 50 pages of my book along with a query letter and the synopsis to the Ethan Ellenberg Agency. He has represent Bertrice Small. Do you know of anyone else who has queried him? And, not been rejected?

Kathy Wendorff:
Good luck, Christine! I don't personally know anybody he represents, but as I remember, he had some very succesful authors  on his list, especially romance. I hope you join them.

What do you write? And welcome to MWF!

Kathy W.


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