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At LOVE IS MURDER, I got the opportunity to pitch my novel to Mr. Terry Burns of the Hartline Literary Agency.

Anyone familiar with them?

Kathy Wendorff:
Jim, I keep a Word document with any scraps of information on agents I can copy and paste, going back several years. I did a "Find" on Hartline, and it looks to me like they have sales, mostly inspirational fiction to small publishers. Nothing on how happy their authors are with them, one way or another, and nothing on your particular agent.

Sorry I can't be more helpful, but at least there are no warning flags.

Kathy W.

Lance Charnes:
Nothing on P&E or Writer Beware.

Caro: says they take mainly books in the inspirational genre.

Their website lists some of their authors.


Jim, I have a friend who has written several books for them. She is very happy with their promotion and their contract. I don't know about their mystery line because she writes inspirational romance.



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