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Working with UK agents from the US


Lance Charnes:
I'm beginning to wonder if my MS mightn't do better in Britain than in the US. (Symptoms: a crashing lack of interest on the part of US agents, and the almost universal comment from readers, "This is too British for here!")

Have any of MWF's US-based authors had any experience working with agents in the UK?

Is the process notably different, or do the rules set out by Miss Snark etc. hold generally true?

Will UK agents consider US-based authors? I've noticed a few of them have different commission rates for "domestic" and "overseas," but I wonder if they really mean "Commonwealth" as opposed to "American."

Is there really that much of a difference in the market, or has American cultural hegemony wiped out any national variations?

How viable is this course of action? Am I just rationalizing here?

Lance, I cannot answer your question.  But I also write the sort of books that should appeal more to British readers than American ones.  Yet my American agent tells me that it is extremely difficult to place an American book in the UK.  This may not apply if the agent is British, but I thought I'd mention it.



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