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Welcome Stefano Trucco!


Bob Mueller:
Welcome to MWF, Stefano Trucco! Take a moment and introduce yourself. What do you write? Are you published? Who is your favorite author?

Enjoy your stay!

Stefano Trucco:
Good morning,
I'm an italian writer, already published in Italy. I was born and live in Genova (Genoa) and work as a librarian.
My first novel, 'Fight Night' (2014) was set in Genoa today and was about a kick boxing match between two young fighter, Alessandro and Ettore, that gets way out of hand.
In 2019 I published my second novel, 'Il Gran Bazar del XX secolo', a horror story inspired by H. P. Lovecraft and set again in Genoa, in the last weeks of WWII: nazis, fascists, partisans and Cthulhu.
I also published a short novel called '1958. A story of the Atomic Age'. It's an uchronia set in an Italy where there was no fascism, Italy was among the good guys in the war, there's still the monarchy and we get the atomic bomb.
The novel I'm writing now gets back to Fight Night: one of the two main characters, Alessandro, is now a MMA fighter in New York, and also a model (yes, they exists: I checked). Not very succesful in either job, he ends up as the main suspect in the murder of his american girlfriend and to save himself he's forced to think and discovers he can actually do it.
I've been in New York two times, when I was young, in 1988 and 1992. I was set to visit last summer to reacquaint myself but you know what happened. Anyway, few cities in the world are cities of the imagination as dear old Gotham.
Actually it's more a psychological novel on the character of failed but unbowed italian alpha male but I decided on a crime plot, since in Italy is by far the most popular genre of fiction. The provisional title is 'Woke'.


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