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Don't hit me but, just what the sam hell is a cozy mystery anyway?

Thanks ;D

The definition isn't really clear cut, but basically there are hardboiled mysteries and cozy mysteries.

In cozies, the violence is usually off screen. It usually involves an amateur detective, and the plot is more puzzle oriented.

Hardboiled is gritty, violent, and usually darker in tone.

Hardboiled -- Raymond Chandler's Marlowe.

Cozy -- Agatha Christie's Miss Marple

Of course, there is a lot of variety in both types.


Cozies are pretty much all I read!  My favourite cozies feature:

1) an amateur sleuth in a small town
2) self-employed protagonist
3) ideally male protagonist but beggars can't be choosers (unfortunately 95% of cozie mysteries have female protagonists which I find it hard to relate to)
4) LOTS and lots of coffee. There should always be a fresh pot brewing!
5) Little or no sex.  I have read that many cozy readers also find it annoying. If you must include sex and your protagonist is a female, please remember that you have male readers too and we are sharing your protagonists thoughts.  I don't want to hear about some guys kissable lips, thank you.
6) Not much violence.

I read cozies not just for the mystery, but to get away from my real life and live in a small town for a while.  The crime is relatively unimportant.   I recently read a one of the apple mysteries from Sheila Connolly, and I don't think a crime even took place until halfway through the book.  But I was so engrossed by the daily operation of her orchard that I didn't care!

Finally, I've noticed that cozies seem to have a simpler writing style, almost a JA level with slightly larger print.  It suits me fine because I don't want to think too much when I read them.  I like a nice, breezy read :)

--- Quote from: KarensaK on August 23, 2013, 12:03:26 AM ---Don't hit me but, just what the sam hell is a cozy mystery anyway?

Thanks ;D

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I think what distinguishes a cozy the most is the lack of gore and "dark" content. Many have amateur sleuths as well. The genre has expanded a lot and can be confusing. Some cozies today tend to be filled with content you'd find in a romance novel.


Agree with all above, but to be competitive, please keep in mind that acquisition editors from major houses are looking for unique concepts, characters, and sets.

Just sayin' ...



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