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You have no more privacy here, than you do in a restaurant. You are communicating over the Internet, which is the equivalent of broadcasting on a radio that could reach anyone worldwide as long as they know to dial up this frequency.

It is expected that you have the good taste not to violate anyone else's privacy by posting their personal data to this site, particularly without their permission. Lack of good taste in this area will get you banned from the site quickly.

It is also presumed that you have the good taste not to reproduce ANYTHING from this website without the poster's permission.

I do not intend to reprint elsewhere any information from this website without permission of the poster. I do, however, reserve the right to copy your posts and preserve them under the conference PRICELESS ADVICE.

I do not market or sell any personal information on the registration screens on this website including email addresses, however new technology is being programmed every day and there may be ways for the unscrupulous to 'harvest' email addresses off this site. I do not take any responsibility for anyone who procures email addresses from this site and solicits you or sends you email of any type.


I pay for the software, server, and connection costs to run this site. I do not do it as a full-time job, but as a 'hobby'. (I don't deduct related expenses from my taxes, even.) Currently, I do not charge anyone anything to use this website.

Consequently, there are no guarantees of service or reliability of this site. From 1997 - 2006, this site has been as or more stable than any of the top Internet sites (i.e. we've all had problems), however, I do not guarantee any specific percentage of availability in the future.

Additionally, there is no guarantee or warranty of the correctness or accuracy of any of the information you obtain on this website. Rely on the information without double-checking it at your own risk.

The opinions expressed on this website are the opinions of the person posting and do not necessarily reflect reality, sensibility, my opinion, or the opinion of anyone living or dead.

The name/phrase "Mystery Writers' Forum" cannot be used in any related or unrelated project or venture without express written permission from me. You may, without permission, place a link from a webpage to this site and you may use the name in advertising or promoting the site to gain more members, or to acknowledge appreciation of any assistance you might have gained here.

Additionally, I have the final say in who uses and who does not use this site. I can bar usage of this website to anyone, at anytime without explanation. Your continued use of this site is purely at my whim. (Fortunately my whim is not very whimsical, so you usually need to make a real effort to be told you are no longer welcome on this site.)

My current policy is to warn offensive posters once, and banish them if activity that displeases me continues. I delete any user, without warning, who violates Federal Law, posts what I consider pornography, or what I consider inappropriate advertising. I do not feel the need to explain or illustrate what I mean by any of the previous's my site, it's my judgement. And the current policy can change at any time, without warning.

Think of participating on this website as if you are a visitor to my house. As my guest, I will make some accommodations, but the longer you stay the more I will expect you to conform to the 'house' rules (written and unwritten). Since you are visiting me over the Internet, you should have a reduced expectation of privacy. There are other people visiting and I suggest that you don't say anything on the website that you wouldn't say in public.

On the Internet, as in life, being a bad dinner guest is worse than pretending to be the queen of England. Good manners toward your fellow guests is valued here far above complete, honest disclosure of the details of your personal life.

These statements have been added to the site not as a threat, but as a way of covering my legal derrierre. For those coming over from the "old" MWF site, this is the same Privacy Statement and TOS we were under over there.

Bob Mueller
Host & Administrator of the Mystery Writers' Forum


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