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Stefano Trucco:
Good morning.

I'm an italian writer trying to write my first crime novel set in New York. Obviously I read a lot of american crime novels and also a few books on police procedure for writers (like 'Police procedures & investigation' by Lee Lofland) but of course there're always doubts. I helped myself by making the main character and suspect an italian who don't know anything (except what he saw in movies and tv shows) about american police procedures.
Now the question is: the murder, which happens in Bushwick (83th Precinct: the novel is also an homage to Ed McBain/Evan Hunter/Salvatore Lombino). At first it seems quite humdrum but it quickly escalates involving famous and powerful people. So, do the same two precinct detectives who investigate the case continue as the context of the case changes or do some other police body or higher authority supersedes them?
Everything happens in New York, so I think no FBI and the two detectives apparently are competent and honest, so there's no way to substitute them as sanction for malfeasance.
Now, I'm quite advanced in writing the story so who knows how many mistakes I already made but this detail is quite important in the resolution of the story, the fact that one of two detectives is personally involved with the main suspect so he has to stay to the end.
Thanks in advance.


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