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could a PI really tell?

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Dave Freas:
Could someone who ran a tanning salon tell you?

If anyone would know, I'd think they'd be the ones.

Also, to add to what Linda said, if I was your PI, I'd canvas local tanning places with a picture of the suspect and ask if he'd been patronizing their businesses.

Hope this helps.


I know this is an old thread but thought I would reply anyway.

I've used tanning salons a lot over the years, a few months before every cruise or Carribean vacation.  I've noticed a few things that might help one distinguish between a salon tan and the real thing.

First, the tiny plastic goggles they give you for eye protection in the salons will give you a distinct look around the eyes.  The insides of the eye sockets won't be tanned, or a narrow band of skin at the top of the nose that is covered by the plastic bridge.  People tanning outdoors will either use full sized sunglasses, OR no sunglasses at all (just closing their eyes in the sun).  In this case you won't have any band at all at the top of the nose.

Also, since people for the most part tan naked in salons, there would be no tan lines at all. 

There is also a difference in the evenness of the tan.  In a salon, people tend to try and make sure they have an even and you are completely surrounded by lights from all directions.  Outdoors you will probably not be well tanned under the arms, and your tan would not be as even.

Finally, if you are using the older lie-down tanning beds you may have banding patterns on your skins- sort of burned lines like you would see on a barbecued hotdog.

Hope this helps!

--- Quote from: B L McAllister on July 01, 2013, 10:46:10 PM ---(This is just for curiosity, now, because I don't think I'll really write the story that was going to use it. It didn't seem to work, for too many reasons.)
A suspect contends that at the time of the crime he was on the beach in, say, the Bahamas and has a winter's tan to "prove it." Can the sharp eye of a suitably well-informed or well-trained PI tell a beach tan from a tanning bed tan? How about a chemical tan? Could a doctor tell? (Without getting the suspect stark naked.)

--- End quote ---

B L McAllister:
Nice suggestions, Picaroon. Maybe somebody can write a story based on the details you mention. I may even see if I can think of a plot -- not the already discarded idea, but something.


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