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Call for Crime Short Story Submissions


Murderous Ink Press:
Crimeucopia is intended to be a quarterly anthology paperback style ‘magazine’ – with the first 2 issues (March – May and June – August) being themed, the 3rd (September – November) being a free-for-all large issue, and the 4th (December) themed, but not a Christmas Themed issue.

Please Note, this is not our day job - therefore we cannot edit material for you. All submissions need to be publisher ready in that respect. Payment is on acceptance rather than publication.

For more detailed guidelines, see our website at

Submissions via email attachment to with a subject line of SUBMISSIONS_Crimeucopia_<Your Name>_<Story Title>

Publication will be via IngramSpark and Amazon so as to cover as wide a distribution set as possible.

Intended themes – always open to interpretation – include:-

We’re All Animals Under the Skin
Are some people animals? Another line could be CosPlay dressed raiders. Usual rider here – no talking cats or seven-legged bi-valves from Alpha Centauri.

You, Me, and the Body Makes Three
Is it fresh, or has it been around for some time? Perhaps it’s yet to happen? Or has someone else left it as a gift in your Recycling bin?

As I Walked In, the Barman Leaned Over the Bar and Said:
Could be a pub, a bar, or any other kind of drinking establishment/event. Could be at the start, middle or end of the story – or just a vague reference to a past event.

Grime Time
Severed heads blocking drains – or an item discovered in an attic trunk – something found while skip diving – or not found, as the case may be.

Fruit & Veg
Barrows, markets, farmers, death by cabbage, revenge by carrot – though be careful in regard to any Rhaphanidosis themed pieces.

Lady Thrillers
This will be a Women Only issue, with no set underlying theme.

Free-For-All Issues (Numbers 3, 7, 11 etc)
Ideally a ‘double-sized’ issue that would allow for anything and everything under the sun. A chance to take any subject and have a go. Also designed to showcase new and/or unpublished writers.


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