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Title: Can anybody recommend a trash publisher?
Post by: I have requested this comment be deleted. on August 29, 2007, 06:30:00 PM
I know big/mainstream publishers will consider non-traditional "trash" fiction, because I've seen a few books that come close to the things I'm working on.


Tokyo Suckerpunch (, published by Harper Paperbacks (

The Destroyer ( series, published by Tor Books.  (Formerly published by Pinnacle Books (

Viva Las Vengeance (, published by St. Martin's Minotaur ( (the same company as Tor).

There's also this guide here (

I want to submit to those publishers, but I'd also like to find a small press that would allow me to do crazy things that most others would only laugh at.  Not an idiot publisher--just a publisher with a unique vision that feels right to me.

Magazines also.  Just really unique magazines that publish cross-genre trash with a focus on mystery.

I'm sure I could find a speculative fiction magazine that would be open to stories told from a mystery point of view, but I have no idea where to find magazines that would publish mysteries told from a speculative fiction point of view.  The same for comedy and absurd fiction.

The obvious answer is to look around and read a lot.  I'm just asking for a point in the right direction.

EDIT:  I found some articles about a pulp revival, but it seems to be over.  (It also seems not to have been a pulp revival, but more a pretentious fad.)
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