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randy larkin:

Have a killer who wants to blow up a bus, where would he look to get explosives?

Lance Charnes:
Where is he?

How much money does he have?

Does he have any demolition skills?

Is the bus the target, or does he want to use it as a rolling bomb to destroy something else?

Does he only want to kill passengers, or obliterate the bus also?

In short, the internet, but I get a ton of valuable and verified information from watching Criminal Minds. Their info is straight from the F.B.I. consultant they have on staff. They have several episodes in the first four series involving bombs and bomber, specifically season 1 & 2. I believe Gideon battles some inner demons stemming from a bomb incident where he sent six agents in to stop a bomber and they were all killed. Morgan plays an agent with bomb experience and explains quite a bit about it. If you don't have access to the DVDs, most libraries have them to loan out.


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