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New Mystery novel


The Killer's Co-op
by Richard Howes

County Acting Sheriff Robert Schwimmer is after a serial killer that he suspects is roaming the Massachusetts South Shore, killing teenagers, drug addicts, prostitutes, etc... Find out why...

Available on amazon in paperbook or Kindle.
I've also got an adventure story coming out next: Julie Rayzor - Romance, Adventure, Zombies.

How does your victimology play into that? That's such a diverse victim pool. How do they tie together? What is their common link? Is the county that large that it covers the Massachusetts South Shore? A sheriff only has jurisdiction within his or her county. Why kill teenagers? Why kill the drug users? Killing prostitutes is a cliche, but it still works. Serial Killers almost never change their target victim demographic, but your guy is all over the map. What evidence does the sheriff have that makes him suspect there is a serial offender roaming his jurisdiction? Has he invited the federal authorities in to help? Sheriffs, especially "acting" sheriffs are ill-equipped for such a task and chasing serial killers is what the F.B.I. does better than anybody else. I think you have some more research to do. You appear to be guessing at what law enforcement does and that is the kiss of death in the writing world. I'm a retired county sheriff and I can tell you one of the first things we'd do is invite the F.B.I. in to help. They are highly trained in tracking and "hunting" serial killers. Their databases are far superior to that of any county sheriff and they have nationwide jurisdiction. Your acting sheriff would also have serious political issues to deal with while the investigation is going on so inviting the F.B.I. would be a good idea if he wants to become the elected sheriff. Why  the Massachusetts South Shore? Is that a popular tourist spot? Serial offenders often travel the tourist hotspots because it makes them nearly impossible to catch. Do some research first. Anyone with a modecum of law enforcement knowledge would put your put your book back on the shelf without buying it! Readers take offense to writers trying to fool them and agents as well as publishers will blacklist you!


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