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Resources for Mystery Writers

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Agent resources can now be found over in the forum


Crime Scene Investigations - extensive info from a former investigator

Crime Scene with the most accurate and detailed information you can find about everything from fingerprints to poison to forensics to photography.

Zeno's Forensics Page

FBI Homepage - lots of good basic info on their organization

The Art & Science of Crime Scene Investigation - footprints in detail, suspect statement analysis and lots of other great information

Questioned Document Analysis - handwriting and other document analysis

Forensic Archeology

Forensic Entomology page

Forensic Science Society

Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures - Types of Wiretaps, Bugs and Methods

Find A Death

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LawLinks: The Internet Legal Resource Center

National Law Journal at

Cornell Law School Legal Information Institute

The 'Lectric Law Library

Electronic Frontier Foundation


Writing law resources can now be found over in the forum


These resources can now be found over in the forum.

Police Procedure

Cop Net

Cops 'n Writers - a fee site for technical review of your work by real cops

City of Los Angeles Home Page

Crime Scene Investigation

Drug Enforcement Administration

Federal Bureau of Investigation

DNA - What every law enforcement professional needs to know about DNA evidence


Fingerprints HQ Resource Directory

A timeline of the history of fingerprints

Crime Magazine is about true crime: organized crime, celebrity crime, serial killers, corruption, sex crimes, capital punishment, prisons, assassinations, justice issues, crime books, crime films and crime studies.


National Association Of Investigative Specialists

Yahoo! Crime Directory

New Scotland Yard

The Police Officers Internet Directory

Police Writers' Club

Police Marksman - great information on the types of guns police use

US Marshal Service Homepage


Addison-Wesley Publishing


Houghton Mifflin Co.


Random House

Ballentine Publishing Group--Ballantine Books, Ballantine Reader's Circle, Del Rey, Del Rey/LucasBooks, Fawcett, Ivy, One World, and Wellspring


Random House Trade Group

Knopf Publishing Group

Simon & Schuster

St Martin's Press -- contains Writers' Guidelines

Redfield Publishers

Savvy Press

Perseverance Press

Coyote Moon

Electronic Publishers

Book Length

Hard Shell Word Factory - Electronic Books, Popular fiction, all Genres, Self-help, True Crime, YA, Childrens

Boson Books

Dreams Unlimited - Focus on paranormal, futuristic, fantasy, erotic, gay & lesbian romance

E-Books on the Net - accepting submissions from mystery writers

Online Originals

Short Story and Magazine Publishers

Dark Planet Webzine

Writing Resources

Sleuth Editing - a copyediting business specializing in mysteries

Write Again - provides an intelligent environment in which to organise all your writing projects - the software will suggest markets for your completed projects, or projects to newly entered markets. Basically, it streamlines the day-to-day management of your entire writing career.

Mystery Lovers Corner - I help mystery authors promote their books through my website. There is a charge to be listed, but I've kept the costs low.

The Reference Desk

Children's Writing Resource Center

Cluelass - the definitive site for mystery events, book releases and other mystery related news.

Double Tiger Author Services - provides services to beginning writers who have completed a manuscript. Services include critiquing, preparing manuscript for sale, finding an agent or publisher.

Ask an Expert - writing techniques articles

Knowledge Finder - directory of where to find...everything

Writing.Com - If you're an enthusiastic, creative writer looking for the perfect place to store and display your writing online or a casual reader searching for a good story, Writing.Com is the website for you! - took over Inkspots' content. Now offers more than 250 articles on just about every aspect of writing (fiction, nonfiction, freelancing, greeting cards, international, etc.), plus over 500 links to other resources, market information, contest listings, and more. It also offers a free biweekly newsletter that offers feature articles, columns, markets, contests, links, and news from the writing/publishing world.

Investigative Database - Maintained by Michael Moore. Free search, small fee if name found

Newspaper Archives - links to online newspaper archives across the US

Publishers Weekly online

SHAWGuides: Guide to Writers Conferences - a great way to look up writers' conferences by state, date, or genre.

United States Patent and Trademark site

Gloria Stern's Writing Class - conducts a six week online course in Writing the Mystery Story. The program features six units of progressive instruction for a full length mystery, one to one conferencing, and monitored assignments. The instructor is an author, consultant, and electronic journalist.

Writers Write - a one stop resource for the professional writer

WordMuseum - writers contests, resources, many genres


Weaponry resources can now be found over in the forum

Poisons & Medical

Medical resources can now be found in the forum


The Unofficial Mafia Webpage - lots of information on the NY Mafia

Misc. Security

The Bodyguard Home Page - Links to the private security industry and various peripheral groups.

Guide to Lock Picking Last updated 1991. Includes a thought-provoking ethical discussion from the MIT hacking community.

Stalking Victim's Sanctuary - great information on the psychology of stalkers

Review Sites for Mysteries

Absolute Write
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Authors Den
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Book Ideas
Book Review Café
Book Spot
Case Solvers
Cluelass and the Mysterious Home Page
Common Reader
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Deadly Ink
eBook Reviews
Fear of Writing
Fiction Factor
Ivy Quill
Jerry Lentz Experiments
Midwest Book Review
Mostly Fiction
Mystery Guide
Mystery Ink Online
Mystery News
Mystery Place
Mystery Readers Journal
National Assoc. of Women Writers Weekly
Over My Dead Body
Page One Lit
Reviewing the Evidence
Sisters in Crime
Sound of the Baskervilles
Spicy Green Iguana
Suite 101
The Drood Review of Mystery
Twisted Tales
Writers BBS
Writers Manual
Writers Weekly
Writers Write
Writers' Journal (The Complete Writer's Magazine )
Writing -World
Writing, Etc