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The MWF Amazon Store

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Bob Mueller:
I've finally gotten around to setting up an Amazon aStore. There are two sections at the moment: Writing Resources, and Member Books. I'm quite sure neither section is complete.

I'm quite open to suggestions for either category. Especially take a look at the member books for your own stuff if you would, and if I've missed it, please send me the ISBN, and I'll link it in.

The MWF Amazon Store

It seems a bunch of folks who got the announcement email forgot they were members. That announcement only went out to registered MWF members, even if you registered 2 years ago and never really did anything else. If you did, and that announcement brought you back, great! We're glad to see you again!

Edit 15 OCT 2011: Updated the link.

This is an amazing idea, Bob!

While reading the posts on this site, I've often thought that I wanted to read this member or that member's book.  Usually, I'd get sidetracked and would forget about it.  Or, if I kept at it, I'd have to go to Amazon and hunt for the author's name on the site and try to find their latest book.

Now they're on Amazon and all together in a MWF section?  And the site gets help with operating expenses for every book sold?

You're a genius!  I'm going shopping there now.  This was a great idea.


Bob Mueller:
Thanks, Linda.

I know I don't have everyone, because not all the members who are published have used their real name. If you notice someone is missing, please let me know.

Likewise, I'm open to suggestions on the Writing Resources books. I put that list together in about 10 minutes. But anything that gets purchased once you start through the store helps MWF, even if it's ultimately something completely unrelated.

That's a super idea and will make it easier to find books. Thanks for doing this.

Brenda B.:
Wow Bob, that is fantastic!
Deeply appreciate all the time and effort that must have taken.


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