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Everyone (new and not-so-new) pop in here and say hello, and tell us something about yourself: who you are, where you are, what you've written, and what you're reading.

Also, if you're coming over from the Zott site, please send me a PM with your name there (if you're not using the same name). I'll copy your post count over from there. It's not really important in overall scheme of life, but those of you who have contributed there should have your stature commended in some way here.

I'm Cathy in Missouri, I'm struggling with writing a cozy, and right now I'm reading The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters (also something I'm struggling with; if it were a library book, it would have gone back by now, but since I bought the hardcover, I'll probably finish it).

Hi I'm Andy from Wellington, New Zealand, signing up on the new 'ship' for a fresh voyage of discovery...(Lots of buttons to try!!..)


Just thought I'd mention that Bob Mueller =  MysteryAdmin. I'm not sure which persona I'm going to use more often on the site. For now, if you need something administrative, go to MysteryAdmin.

Here I come, climbing aboard the new ship, too. Bit foggy in ehre. Hope no-one changes names or anything confusing like that!

And hey, where's the spell check??



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