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Left Coast Crime 2012

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Bob Mueller:
LEFT COAST CRIME is an annual mystery convention sponsored by mystery fans, for mystery fans. It is held during the first quarter of the calendar year in Western North America, as defined by the Mountain Time Zone and all time zones westward to Hawaii.

2012 Conference is in Sacramento, CA. See

Hmmm, since I can get there so fast, I should go, but I'm not much of a conference person.

Bob Mueller:
I've done 2 conferences. One was a commercial conference years ago, and the other was Pennwriters this year. Night and day difference between the two. The first one gave me some good content, but no real networking. Pennwriters was such a friendly group and conference, I couldn't help but make some friends and contacts there.

I highly recommend conferences. I think you need to have some sort of plan when you go, but if you do, you'll get more out of them.

Well, I'm going and as it turns out, I'm on a panel. (Not exactly sure how that happened but I am not complaining.) Anyone else going?


I sure wish I could, but it's so far away it doesn't fit in my budget. Hope everyone there enjoys the event.



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