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On line group I'd never heard of -- any input?


Brenda B.:
I know, I know,
I pop in and out when it suits my needs, I'm sorry.
My boss just handed me a slip of paper and asked me to find out more about a particular website. I am surprised I'd never heard of it before. Maybe I'm just really out of the scene.
It's called the Gotham Writer's Workshop and the link he gave me was simple

The place is packed with information and classes. I'm wondering what anyone knows about it.  I've printed out FAQs for the boss as well as class schedules for several topics he's interested in as well as the sample class information.

Anything pro or con would be appreciated.

I think I'm finally coming to a place where I might be able to put fingers to fictional keyboard again. Hoo ray.

Brenda B.

There are many interesting things in your post.


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