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Bob Mueller:
Anyone going, besides me?

Seems like a good idea for me. We're traveling, and can make our way up there, so lodging won't be an issue. The workshops look great, too.

Now I just have to overcome my shyness and introduce myself to any agents there.  :o

What of Don't Stop Believin should I have copies of? Synopsis?

Dave Freas:
Yes, Bob, I'll be there.  Look me up.  I'd love to meet you.

And at least one other members of MWF will be there, too.

The best way to connect with an agent is to pick one that seems your best match and request an agent appointment with him or her.  You'll have about 15 minutes one-on-one to pitch Don't Stop Believin'.  Usually, they will ask you to send them so many pages or chapters and a synopsis after the conference.  Do not bring your Ms and hand it to them.  It's considered bad form.

The second best way is to keep your eyes open for them walking around the halls, having a drink in the bar, chatting with someone.  Walk up, introduce yourself, and let the conversation flow from there.

Don't be shy.  Pennwriters is one of the friendliest, most welcoming groups you will ever encounter.  Spend some time in the hospitality suite.  You'll see people sitting at tables talking.  Sit down, say 'Hi, I'm Bob Mueller," and you're in.  If you have a question, buttonhole a Pennwriter, and ask.  They'll give you the answer or point you to someone who can.

Hope this helps.


Dave Freas:
Meant to mention, too, Bob that the hotel (Airport Marriot) has a bloc of rooms reserved for conference attendees at a special rate ($89/night) if you mention PennWriters when you make your reservation.

Looking forward to meeting you there.


Bob Mueller:
Looking forward to meeting you in person too, Dave. Forgive me for not responding sooner. Internet was out here at the RV park for a while, and I got into a writing rush on the next story.

I think I may end up staying at my son's place while the family finds an RV park with full hookups. The nearest sites we can find are state parks which are fine for a while, but they present some difficulties in pulling this particular conference off.

I'm signed up for the Thursday Many Genres, One Craft pre-conference gig, and I'm mainly following the "Improve Your Craft" track.

Dave Freas:
Look for the rowdy group by the front door puffing on cancer sticks.  I'll probably be there.


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