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3-Day Novel?


Bob Mueller:
Most of us have probably heard of NaNoWriMo. I know a few have even participated.

Has anyone heard of the 3-Day Novel Contest?

--- Quote ---Can you produce a masterwork of fiction in three short days? The 3-Day Novel Contest is your chance to find out. For more than 30 years, hundreds of writers have stepped up to the challenge every Labour Day weekend, fuelled by nothing but adrenaline and the desire for spontaneous literary nirvana. Itís a thrill, a grind, a 72-hour kick in the pants and an awesome creative experience. How many crazed plotlines, coffee-stained pages, pangs of doubt and moments of genius will next yearís contest bring forth? And what will you think up under pressure?
--- End quote ---
I didn't see exact mention of the prizes on the website, but apparently first prize is publication, at least according to the Facebook blurb I saw.

Probably not for me, at least not this year. But there it is for others.

This is a terrific concept, and it makes me so glad that I'm safely retired and can just enjoy the idea without feeling compelled to try it  :D


Matthew S.:
50,000 words in a month!  Are they kidding! 

Two of the books I've written were done in less than a month - and they were each 75,000 word, at least.  Of course I was only work two ro three hours a day, but I was writing every day.  I found I blocked at fifteen pages - regardless of how long or short a time it took me to write them, once I got fifteen pages written, my brain would shut down and refuse to work any more. 

I haven't had that much freedom to write for almost three years now.  I wonder if I could do it again ...

As for writing a novel in three days, I'm afraid I'd fail on that ... forty-five pages a novel does not make.

Matthew S.

ps:  for those interested, the two novels were HIERARCHY OF TERROR and QUANTUM LEAP: DOUBLE DILEMMA (which was picked up by the editor but never published)

I participated in this last labor day weekend. It was an amazing experience. Clearly I didn't win but I learned a lot about my writing process and was proud of myself for producing a novel in three days....


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