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Had to get a new account because I forgot the old info but formerly "aspiringhopeful" on here.

Anyway, new question for the legal eagles around here:

I realize with appeals and what not, and the excruciating delays in lawyers filing paperwork and waiting on answers, that a long, long time will be inevitable between a death sentence and the actual execution.

My questions:

1. What is the general national average between sentence and execution? I'm assuming it's in the neighborhood of 7-10yrs

2. Are there any special circumstances (whether by state or at all) where an execution will be sped up and if so, what kind of time frame would it entail?

3. As for being granted a stay, what sort of circumstance would be required to obtain it, who orders it, and what usually happens from there?

4. In a scenario, a person is convicted of a heinous crime, sentenced to die, stays are requested, denied, person is executed and later found to be innocent so the state executed an innocent person. Aside from the CMA denials and refusals to acknowledge their screw up so they don't get sued, and assuming the state owns up to it, how do they go about it? All we see usually is a little article in a paper somewhere but I'm interested in the legal aspect, behind the scenes and how they usually handle those matters.



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