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Lawyers and clients


Dave Freas:
This isn't really a courtroom question but applies to lawyers.

How ethical is it for a lawyer to hand a major client over to another lawyer in his firm so the second lawyer could make partner in the firm?

If this was discovered, what would be the consequences for both lawyers?



Bob Mueller:
I'd think the senior partners would have to know about this somehow. If it's a big enough firm, I'd guess a lot of case assignments are vetted by the seniors.

Dave Freas:
The longer story is one of the senior partners, who was semi-retiring, gave Lawyer A one of his best clients.  Lawyer B wanted the client so he could make partner.  Lawyer A refused, saying (a) the senior partners would never go for it and (b) they might run afoul of the bar association ethics committee.

I was curious what penalties/punishments, etc. lawyer A might suffer if he were to hand the client over to Lawyer B.


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