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B L McAllister:
Cozy fans may be interested in this website.  It doesn't list my series, but it looks interesting anyway:


Thanks Byron. My books aren't listed either, but it is an interesting site.


Kathy Wendorff:
Thanks Byron, that IS an interesting site. You know, it might be worth it for you and Lynnette to send the website owner at least one of your mysteries. She says they only list authors they've read and enjoyed, and she may not have run across you yet. Seems to me, the list is missing a lot of small press authors.

Kathy Wendorff

Thanks Kathy. I did concact them and I wanted to let Byron and others here who write cozies, that she emailed me back and said to send her a book. She said she was way behind in her reading but would get to them as soon as she could. Anyone interested, Email me off list and I will send you the address.


Just to point out - the old website for cozylibrary obviously died at some point in the last few years, and has been replaced by somebody completely new.

but you can get to the original list of cozy mysteries through the wayback machine.

here's the page that's most likely what was intended:


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