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Testing and setup


Well, the board is set up. I've copied all the old conferences over with one exception. I combined Publishers and E-Publishers. I think e-Pubs are common enough now that they fall under publishing, but if enough folks think it should be split off like it was, I can do that.

I'm copying posts over from Priceless Advice at the moment.

The post editor seems pretty powerful, and I imagine it could be a bit overwhelming. I'm probably going to set up a test forum, where one can play around with the different capabilities.

I'm probably going to turn off avatars to save bandwidth and storage. If enough people can make a persuasive case for them, I'll turn them back on, but we've survived for 9 years or so without them, so I don't know that we really need them.

That's it for now. Feel free to email me from the board.


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