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BOO! Mine has a ghost.

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There is a cozy series with a ghost who helps the MC solve the mysteries written by Nancy Atherton. You might want to give one a glance. They are listed as mystery - cozy. Nothing about paranormal.


Thanks Elana,

I haven't read any Nancy Atherton, but I have seen her books in the cozy section of the store. I'll pick one up next time I go.
It seems like paranormal has more to do with vampires, werewolves and zombies than just plain old ghosts.
I'd consider ghosts paranormal, but maybe the publishing world doesn't.

I can't wait to read your book, Karen!  I wonder if the publishing world is so over-stuffed with vampires, werewolves and zombies that they have forgotten there's anything else out there.

The three I have with fantasy elements I call "fairy-tale mysteries".  One of those has a ghost, but also some ties to Celtic myth. 

Supernatural is a synonym for paranormal.  "Cozy mystery with supernatural elements"?

Whatever you call it, I hope it's published soon!

Hey Donna,
Thanks for the reply! I got rejected by an agent because she said it wasn't "compelling enough to stand out
in such a crowded market." So I'm trying to rewrite it and make it more compelling. I don't know if I'll be finished
with the rewrite by then, but I'll be pitching something when I go to Killer Nashville in August.

I think you're right about the supernatural vs paranormal tag. It seems like paranormal means vampires, werewolves'
demons and zombies to most agents and publishers. Maybe saying it has a supernatural element would make it stand
out from the others.


I bought and read D.H. Parker's "The Cameron Connection" a mystery that involves a Scottish family member who comes from the past in reference to a Celtic myth.  It's a young person's book. 

The book is excellent.  After I finished reading it, I let my nephew read it.  He fell in love with the story, so she obviously hit the right notes.

You might take a look at her book to see how she worked it out - it might give you some ideas.  I bought my copy from the MWF Amazon Store.  (See the box in the upper left corner.)

Good luck with your book, Karen!  I hope you find the right agent/market for it.



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