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photo request and questions


A not regular member posted a request in a forum I read. She's publishing a manual (next week) and wants photos to include. There is nothing about pay or anything else.
She does not say if this is self puplished on a back room mimeograph machine or hi tech or anything. Just, send me pictures I can use.
What would I need to ask and be aware of before I sent any pictures?


Old Bill:
Lots of questions here, Ella.

Do you know anything about this person or what she is producing...EXACTLY?

Is this publication of mutual interest?  I assume so since you have photos she is interested in?

Are they personal photos (never give personal pictures of yourself, period, or other people without their consent in writing) related...technical?  Do you have rights to the photos, i.e. did you take them?

What is the end product going to be...not for profit, profit, in-house organization use?

Given all these questions, I suppose you could give photos you have rights to out of the goodness of your heart if you want.  But if it is going to be for a saleable product, asking for freebies is kind of nervy IMHO.  At minimum you should get credits.

Botton line is...BEWARE...find out as much as you can before making a decision to send pictures.

I'm sure others will have concerns about this also. 

Old Bill

Thank you, Old Bill!

I think it's a very good post.


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