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Author Topic: Apartment Shooting Protocol  (Read 6249 times)

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Apartment Shooting Protocol
« on: May 15, 2013, 05:19:34 PM »

I've got a pet project story that's hit a wall - not necessarily due to the question I'm about to ask but mostly because the story got away from me. Or, the characters decided to do something else and it stalled out. Need to corral them at some point.

Anyway, there is a predicament where a tenant is shot twice inside his apartment and dies there. The shooter is apprehended at the scene and then lawyers up, etc. There isn't anything in particular about that scenario that would require a thorough search of the apartment as the location wasn't relevant to the shooting other than that's just where it happened.

1. How thorough of a search investigation would be done in that kind of circumstance? Is there any sort of protocol they would use to determine a need to comb the place top to bottom, or would they focus more on the shooting itself?

2. Is there a span of time involved - with regard to an ongoing investigation of the apartment - for a clean up crew to come in and clean up the place of blood, etc? Any protocol involved there?

3. Once cleaned, is the apartment complex manager required by law or not in disclosing the fact that a murder occurred in that unit, or any relevant details, to a new tenant?

4. How long a time span would be involved in a mostly "cut and dry" crime before the apartment manager would be able to start renting the unit again?

5. Any particulars involved in that scenario that would be relevant to the scenario of the shooting/death in the unit, to the cleaning/investigation, to the leasing of the unit to new tenants?

Thanks :)

Dave Freas

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Re: Apartment Shooting Protocol
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2013, 09:51:13 PM »

Hi, Aspiringhopeful.

I can give you a general answer to some of your questions

1/ The police would do a thorough crime scene workup of the apartment simply to gather every bit of evidence they can.  This would be true whether the killer was caught at the scene or not.  The more evidence the prosecutor has to present at trial, the more likely he or she wll be able to get a conviction.

2/ The police will hold the apartment as a crime scene for as long as it takes them to completly process it for evidence.  There is no set time for them to accomplish the task.  A clean up crew would not be allowed in until the crime scene technicians had completed their work.

3/ Whether the manager is required by law to disclose that a murder was committed in the apartment may vary from state to state.  I would check with a local real estate agent for the answer to that question.

4/ Once the police release the apartment as a crime scene, the manager can do whatever he wants.

5/ Not quite sure what you mean here.

Hope this helps.



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Re: Apartment Shooting Protocol
« Reply #2 on: August 22, 2013, 11:18:25 PM »

Thanks, Dave :)

(oh, updated my acct, forgot the login info)

I checked with an apt complex in the state where this tale is set and essentially, all of the above is dead on, which I figured, but the manager isn't required by law to mention the homicide. This question was inspired by something that happened where I once lived and it dawned on me I should probably find out the specs on that since my story has an apt homicide. The real incident was this guy returned home to find out that the neighbor upstairs had raped his g/f while he was gone, so he went up there and stabbed him to death. From what I gathered, the guy doing the stabbing didn't face any real consequences which then made me wonder about the sentencing aspect for the story in mind.

I have a follow up if you make it back this way.

I'm sure there are state variances but I'm looking for an overview, don't need specifics since it's not a focus but just a mention later in the story.

If someone kills someone else in attempt to avenge the crime (rape) on someone underage, I'd imagine they'd be charged with 1st degree murder regardless since most, if not all states do not consider revenge justifiable.

Would it make any difference in trial if the killer was given really bad intel and the suspected rapist was innocent? If the killer could show that they were acting under incorrect facts would it lessen the sentence at all?

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