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A murder suspect (an employee of a law firm) is at his home talking to the police when he passes out. His wife insists that he needs some rest and she promises to bring him to the police station for further questioning later that day when he is feeling better. The cops agree.
The police have just begun their investigation and have no incriminating evidence yet.
Does this ring true?

Dave Freas:
Since the cops don't have any evidence linking him directly to the murder, and because he does a nose dive, I'd think they might tread lightly.
They might check on him in the hospital to see if he's up to an interview.
And to top it off, they might go easeysince he's a lawyer and would know not to talk to cops without legal representation.
The scenario as you describe it gives you some leeway whichever way you want it to go.

Thanks Dave. I was kinda leaning that way. The wife promises to bring him to the station for questioning and the cops accept that.
Hang in there, Dave

Dave Freas:
You, too, Bob.


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