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I'm writing a mystery/suspense/thriller about a stalker:   

A father rents an apartment in his name for his daughter & her husband.  A storage locker in the basement comes with the apartment for the use of the renter.

The father's daughter & husband store some things in the storage locker.  The police suspect her husband has assaulted someone and get consent to search the locker from the father so as not to tip off  the daughter's husband that they suspect him.  That's why they didn't get a Search Warrant even though they do have probably cause.

They find a trunk in the storage locker which belongs to the husband.  They think the evidence they are seekng could be in the trunk.

My question is does the consent from the man whose name is on the lease, the father-in-law, allow the police to open the trunk and search it for evidence even though the trunk doesn't belong to him?

Any assistance with this question will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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