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Mickey, I'm sorry I left the 'e' out of your name. I know it bugs people when you spell their name wrong. This old computer has half a dozen keys that stick and the 'e' is one of them. I have a new computer and am waiting for the cable company to come and put in wireless. Maybe I'll do better then.


I don't care how my name is spelled as long as it doesn't come out as a slur of some sort :)
I found your page. Thanks for liking mine. This all feels very silly to me somehow, but you never know, I guess.

Lance Charnes:
I finally bit the bullet and set up an author page. Take a look if you have a minute: If you like it, please "Like" it.

Any suggestions for things I should add?

Looks great.
Could use more info on the book.

Lance Charnes:
Thanks, Mickey.

The book isn't published yet, so there's not much else to say. I'm trying to use Timeline posts to add material, pictures, and so on that relate to the book's subject.


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