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Lance Charnes:
If you're a published author (however you define "published"):

* Do you have a Facebook author page? Does it do you any good (i.e. increase sales or awareness in any measurable way)? Whatís your biggest lesson-learned from your page-running experience?
If youíre a not-yet-published author:

* Do you have a Facebook author page? What kinds of things do you do with it without a product to sell?
I'm interested specifically in author pages vs. personal profiles.

As you probably figured out, Iím debating whether to start an author page but need more data before I take the plunge. Thanks.

I finally made a special author page and haven't seen anything happen that already doesn't happen with my normal FB page. Doing the author page hasn't even made an additional entry on a Google search. In order to use some of the features of an author page you have to get a certain number of people to "like" your page first. I haven't been very successful in doing this, perhaps I'm just not likeable. In general, the publicist from my publisher believes and I believe Facebook contributes very little to book sales. Doesn't hurt to do one, I guess, but asking people to "like" your page isn't my idea of an enjoyable way to relate to others.
P.S. Feel free to go like my page,  ;)

Dave Freas:
Just looked on FB for your author page and all I find is your regular page.  Tell me how to find it and I will like it.


I'd appreciate that. It's a mystery to me why it's hiding.
Not sure how to put a link in here but that is the URL anyhow...

I liked your page, Micky. I agree that they may not do any good, but I'm  in the process of setting up one. I figured it couldn't hurt. If anyone wants to like it the address they gave me is:



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