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First of all, sorry for my English, I'm a native Dutch (Flemish) speaker.

I have a website about the books I read and in extension to that I'm creating a book/writers oriented directory.
I started that directory for 2 main reasons :

1) Over the last years I’ve been contacted by many “starting” writers and heard about their problems to get recognition/promotion. I had the chance to get some books for review and was often surprised by the quality of the works. For that reason, I started my directory as a humble help to get a bit of promotion for those starting writers…
2) I collected a lot of nice links over the years and this directory looks a little more “pro” then a linkpage  ;D

Feel free to add your blog/website to my directory… I could do it myself, but you are better placed to give a good descripton of your blog/website.

Also, feel free to mention my directory to other writers or owners of bookrelated websites… all admissions are free and… every link counts on the www…

kind rds,

Eric   (the original Dutch Site) (The first translated English pages) (The Directory)

Hi, Eric,

Your English is excellent.  I haven't been translated into Dutch (yet).  Not sure if my books show up on Dutch sites.



--- Quote from: Ingrid on October 14, 2007, 04:52:21 PM ---Your English is excellent.  I haven't been translated into Dutch (yet).  Not sure if my books show up on Dutch sites.

--- End quote ---

Thanks for the compliment  :)
Just took a look at your website... but till know, I didn't came across your books on the sites I visit in Belgium & The Netherlands...

Well, they might be listed in English almost anywhere, but translations only in French, German, Polish, Czech, Russian, and . . . hmm. . . . Romanian, I think.

I find the best way to promote yourself these days is through social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and now even through Pinterest, StubledUpon, and other smaller companies.  If you are trying to market a blog, a website, a store, or a product and you see your competitors "liking", "linking", "following", etc. then you should be doing it too! Haha, I hope that made sense. The best way to get exposure is through word of mouth.  :)

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