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Andy Connor:
A little while ago the local writers' group I belong to put out an anthology of writing.  As part of the promotional thing I managed to get the Chairperson in contact with a local Waterstones manager, and eventually things got booked and we were on for a reading.

However, the turnout was not good from the public, and apart from the local press, I was wondering where else we could have advertised such an event.

It wasn't helped by the fact that three doors down from the shop were a bunch of musical chuggers doing overly loud Karaoke (which I am sure is Japanese for Tone Deaf Drunk With Microphone) and I feel we could have shifted a few more copies than we did with a little more planning.  So, suggestions welcome!

B L McAllister:
As far as I can tell, there's a large element of chance involved in the matter of turn-out at a signing or a reading.  The more of them one has, the more likely that one or more will turn out to be "successful." (Quotation marks needed: if nobody at all shows up, it wasn't a success--but wait 'til next time! If at least one does, remember that success is a relative thing.)


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