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My First Book


Dave Freas:
My first book, Illegal Maneuvers, was released today. It's available in e-reader format from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other sources, and in paperback from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Wal-Mart, and Target.

When auto restorer Dan Gallagher offers a tipsy Stephanie Mercer a ride home, he has no idea he'll be drawn into a mystery that will challenge his brain, his nerve, and his heart. Stephanie's husband is in a coma following a car crash, which she insists was no accident. After Dan examines the wrecked Cadillac, he has to agree.
Ten years have passed since Dan's wife died, and he never expected to fall for Stephanie. He's determined to help her find out what happened to her husband but when Dan discovers evidence that points to Stephanie's guilt, he wonders if she knows more than she's admitting.
The closer Dan comes to the truth, the more he risks not only his life but that of the woman he's come to love.


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