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Photo campaign in support of my new book


I loved Lawrence Block's photo campaign of women caught reading a recent book of his in various settings, and was thinking about adapting it to fit in with my book.

"Here Be Monsters" is a mystery set in the Adirondack Park in Northern New York, and much of the book's action occurs in the outdoors. 

I was thinking of getting pictures of people reading my book in various outdoor settings, and "leaking" them to various online and offline media outlets for the hopes of generating some buzz or interest.


There's an emphasis on hammocks because the protagonist in my book is a hammock-camper.

Thanks for any feedback, questions, or advice!

Well i think it is a good way to advertise. You know why because for promotion we should use some kind of different techniques to promote our product. The same thing is happening here by the author of book.

B L McAllister:
Does it still work when the title of the book doesn't show clearly in any of the pictures?


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