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My publisher is actively looking for new submissions


I know two of us on this board, Lynette Hampton and I, are published by Wings e-Press.  Wings is now looking for submissions in most genres.  If you have a good book lying around, dust it off and send it in.  Check their site for submission guidelines and other information.  Wings is a royalty-paying publisher.

The books are published as ebooks in several formats, including ones you can read on Kindle and Nook.  They are also available directly from the Kindle Store.  Wings also gives you an option on the contract to publish as a trade paperback. 

My experience with them has been good.  As with most publishers these days, promotion needs to be done by the author, but you start knowing your book will be available for a minimum of two years and so have lots of time for word-of-mouth building of your name and product.  I like that.  I also like being able to have a strong say in my cover art.  Since the books have been available at the Kindle store, I see my sales going up.

If you have a book ready and like the idea of a small publisher, check them out, and let them have a look at your book.


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