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Quality out the window--a mild rant


I am reading a book now, the publisher is a large British indie publisher, Corvus.

Anyhow, I have found some incredibly dubious grammar, like "He knew he had been being watched." I read that several times and never quite made sense out of it. Also there's this gem: "He was sat behind the table." The "was sat" construction has already appeared more than once in this book. Am I missing some change in the English language?

If I wasn't reading it on my Kindle I might have thrown the book across the room.

I can forgive one or two typos, or if someone self publishes, maybe they can't get enough people to proof read. But when I pay a decent price for a book from a company that says it's doing legitimate business and I get 300 pages of gibberish, I am not happy.

I think Corvus is an imprint of Atlantic, I have just noticed, which makes it a product of a rather large publisher in the UK...

Dave Freas:
I've noticed more typos, too.  I also noticed in several books I read recently several place where there should have been a new paragraph started and there wasn't.  Made following who said and did what difficult.  A couple times I had to go back and re-read the section before I caught what was wrong.

Could it be publishers are putting too much trust in computers to 'get it right' instead of using humans?


Not just in fiction books, even textbooks on business and marketing have so many grammatical errors these days. It is kinda annoying.


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