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Bob Mueller:
Seems someone else in the publishing world is about to learn a painful lesson in copyright law.

From a LinkedIn group:

--- Quote ---A number of writers have been put in an unfortunate position by Trestle Press lately, through revelations that the company has been stealing and using images for their ebook covers without the permission of the original artists. The work they have appropriated has come from individual deviantART artists, established and reputable graphic designers, and even large corporations.

A large number of Trestle Press authors have opted to leave the publisher in the last couple of days, obviously feeling they cannot trust someone (the outfit does appear to be a one-man operation) who is obviously so lacking in understanding of basic copyright law.
--- End quote ---

Here's the deviantART user who kicked off the original story:

Here's a cached version of Trestle Press's statement. They've pulled the original statement.

Not much more to be said except to make sure you've got the rights to use what you're using for cover art.


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