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elevation? what's elevation?

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John Connor:
Dropping this in as a sort of 'last comment' - but instead of OpenOffice - go for LibreOffice. There has been too much political junk around Oracle and OO - then selling it to Apache, etc. Libre is on a far quicker, and more stable release route, plus it reacts to user comments/bug fixes far faster than OO ever will.

The problem with most of it is how the source code is licenced. Libre can use OO code, but it's not transferrable the other way - the Libre Licence model is different. Apache chose the route it's gone down, even though it's become a disadvantage.

Give LibreOffice a go and you'll see a mass of improvements.

(And yeah, I'm an IT Manager in real life... :) )

B L McAllister:
Correct: LibreOffice is even better. So far it hasn't given me a bit of trouble of any kind.  Hasn't even demanded that I do the so-far undefined act of "elevation." (I live at ca. 4500 ft.; maybe that's sufficient for LibreOffice?)

As a California Libran formerly dwelling at the Four Thousand Foot Level, I can tell you, I ain't movin'.


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