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Problem with MS Word


Old Bill:
Do we have a resident expert in MicroSoft Word 2007? 

I have a bold square-dotted line that has appeared two places in my Word document that will not go away.  It traverses the width of the page in between two lines of text.  I can grab it and move it up or down which adds a space between the lines of text.  If I try to delete it along with several lines of text, it jumps about 5 lines up or down.  I can copy it to a new document but I have tried everything to delete it with no success.

My OS is Vista.  I have other documents in the same program with no problems like this.  Very frustrating. 


Old Bill

Bob Mueller:
I usually see those appear when I enter three asterisks and hit return for a scene break. When it does appear, I hit Control-Z (or Edit|Undo), and it goes back to the asterisks.

Ah. Here's some more information, from Office Help for Office 2003:

--- Quote ---borders
Applies a border above a paragraph as you type three or more of the following characters:

•Hyphens or underscores for a single line
•Equal signs for a double line
•Asterisks for a dotted line
•Tildes (~) for a single wavy line
•Number signs (#) for a decorative line
 Note   Automatic borders can only be applied as you type (AutoFormat As You Type tab).
--- End quote ---
I'd suggest checking Format|Borders & Shading. I know you're in 2007, but if you hit the key sequence Alt-O-B without the hyphens, that should still get you into the right place.

Old Bill:
Bob, You are a genius.  I was about to pull my hair out (and believe me there isn't all that much left).
The lines are gone and I have learned some new tricks along the way.  I had visited borders but hadn't changed the 'autoformat as you type' option.


Old Bill

I would name my first born after you if you'd change your name to Heather. ;D


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