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B L McAllister:
With Linux nicely installed on my old comnputer, it's tempting to install it on the new one also, but how do I know I won't have the same trouble then too.
Oh, the trouble? Well, my paws seem kind of "heavy-handed" if you know what I mean, and I just keep accidentally touching the touchpad. I had the thing turned off, several times, but, like proverbial bad pennies, it kept coming back  again. Now that I've upgraded to Windows 10, the good old touchpad dumping system  (fn +f 9 with some messing around that is different and must be re-invented each time) doesn't work at all. My hand is still as heavy as ever, and, in fact the only way I can enter this question in a reasonable time is by using "hunt and peck" methods. does anybody know what to do? The computer is an ASUS R509C, and that surely matters. My web-search gave me several suggestions, none possible, since stuff they say will happen along the way don't happen.

B L McAllister:
Well, whaddya know? ASUS sent me an update that turned the touchpad off. BUT, whaddya know? They're not the only ones with an opinion and the ability to update. Microsoft sent me a Windows 10 update that, whatever else it was intended to do, cancelled out ASUS's update So I had exactly one day of freedom from my own heavy-handedness. I can still hunt-and-peck, of course. I notice that I'm the only one here with technological problrms, these days. My congratulations to the rest of us.

Have you tried putting something across the touchpad to stop you touching it?

B L McAllister:
Good idea. I'd "sort-of" thought of it but naively visualized things that were too small or too soft. Just now I tried putting  a amall-but-not-TOO-small pad of sticky notes from which not many sheets had been removed, so that it is still fairly firm and is plenty large enough to suppot itself, and it seems to work. This does not, of course, mean that I forgive Microsoft for doing poor work on Windows 10 (but let;s not go into the est of it) but it does give me a nice cave-man-style fix on the problem, and I thank you very much.


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