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I have a hate-hate relationship with Microsoft Word. Does anyone use something other than Word?


I love Microsoft Word, because it's what I learned on.  But I'm finding that my new laptop and the "Windows Vista" program is giving me fits.  When I'm typing in the Word program, my cursor jumps all over the page.  I have to keep an eagle eye on it so that I can catch it before I've got whole pages in the wrong spot.

Everytime I try to explain this to the computer people, they just give me a blank look.  So, I'm gettting to the point where my love-love relationship is turning into a hate-hate relationship.   >:(

If you find something really good to use, please let me know.  Calling the laptop dirty words doesn't seem to be helping.   :P



Bob Mueller:
Linda, does your laptop have a trackpad for a pointing device (instead of a mouse)? You're probably letting your thumb brush the pad. Happens to me a lot. I hate that part.

Dave Freas:

See my post, too, under Microsoft Vista.  Basically, I said there what Bob said here.


Word jumps for me when I am using Page Up and Page Down. I will get to where I want to be, make an edit and next time I hit Page Down I find that it's gone several pages up again instead... That is the least of my issues with it, though.


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