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history of sniper rifles


Since I'm ever so impressed with the detailed knowledge of guns displayed here, I'll ask my question.

I'm also using a sniper, but mine is active in 1763 in Germany.  They had rifles then, but I'm vague about some of the finer details.  My assumption is that I can pretty much use Bernard Cornwell for technique, but if any of you gentlemen have some fascinating facts (or web sites) to share, I'd be very grateful.


Lee Lofland:
If you can't find it here then it never was.   ;)

Make that 1763!

Deb's list is a bit hit-and-miss, mostly British/American.  Just like the libraries.

But thanks, Lee.


Lee Lofland:
Oh well, sorry. But you have to admit, she has a ton of information on her site. I've never seen anything like it.

I found this some time ago when researching snipers for my police procedural series. I hope it helps.


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